[typo] Typo grinding to a halt

Murray Wilson murray at murmini.com
Mon Dec 31 22:21:33 EST 2007

I have an active blog, http://www.murmini.com and it has been  
remarkably robust for a couple of years. Over the past few months it  
has become painfully slow. If your posting articles or comments or  
making any updates via the admin interface, it takes forever for it to  
accept changes. I am now receiving a lot of emails from people telling  
me they can't post comments as their browser times-out before it  
posts. I am hosting it on Rails Machine and the team there can't find  
what is wrong with it. I would be very very grateful of someone  
knowledgeable with the workings of Typo could contact me and suggest  
what we can do. Its a great program and has served me very well,  
however of recent it has become very frustrating. Thanks you in  
advance for any help you can provide. murray

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