[typo] Nubie question

Matt Filizzi fizz at beyond.hjsoft.com
Fri Aug 10 10:45:30 EDT 2007

So I am considering switching my site over to typo and have set it up
to test.  After doing that I have encountered a few problems that I
cannot seem to over come.

My assumption is that the problems are all caused by the same thing
(probably something I do not have installed but need).

First let me say I am testing this on an Ubuntu box.

I have installed all the dev packages needed to compile the native
extensions (I believe).  I have also installed gems using the ubuntu
package (which is version 0.9.0, however I have also updated it to the
latest version with no change in the results).

Ruby is 1.8.5 (also from a package).

So I "gem install typo" and it installs all the required dependencies.
 once that is done I run "typo install Blog" and it creates all the
files, however at the end it gives me the message " Running tests.
This may take a minute or two
 ***** Tests failed *****
 ** Please run 'rake test' by hand in your install directory.
 ** Report problems to the Typo mailing list.
 ***** Tests failed *****"

Which is my first clue that something is wrong.

If I run rake test it fails on about 95% of the tests (that is an
estimate).  Even given that I try to run it.  It runs fine except for
when trying to go to http://localhost:4134/admin/content/new which
gives me  the error no such file to load -- content_state/null, with a
nice trace.

I've tried everything I can think of to get this running with no
success.  Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

When this is all said and done it'll be running on a debian machine,
however I need to rebuild that box and am unable to test it on that at
the moment.

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