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Mitch Pirtle mitch at spacemonkeylabs.com
Wed Aug 1 14:16:28 EDT 2007

Quoting Matthew Hinton <mhinton at gmail.com>, who spaketh thusly:

> I am really getting into Ruby on Rails on development and I would like to
> run a web application based on that platform.  WordPress really hasn't been
> improved much and I don't like the web interface.  I have been running a
> personal blog on WordPress that I am thinking of dropping and restarting on
> Typo or perhaps migrating to Typo.

I went from WordPress to Typo and loved it. I like the interface, and  
being able to write my own plugins (not enough time to get serious  
about it yet) is a great thing. The one gotcha for me was avoiding  
Sqlite3, as it doesn't like ALTER operations it seems. I recreated the  
blog using PostgreSQL and now everything runs just perfect.

You can also look at the other major contenders in the rails/blog category:

* Mephisto (http://mephistoblog.com/)
* RadiantCMS (http://radiantcms.org/)

To me, Mephisto is basically Typo without the beautiful admin  
interface. Radiant is more of a CMS, but is still emerging from the  

After checking out all three, I opted for Typo for the blog, still  
undecided on the corporate website. I wonder if it would be easier to  
just use Typo for it all, with some minor modifications.

-- Mitch

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