[typo] utf-8 problems

Frithjof Eckhardt eckhardt.f at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 19 04:58:55 EDT 2007


I have some problems with utf-8 configuration with my blog (www.rubykids.de).

o Typo 4.0
o database collation set to utf8_unicode_ci (database and all the tables)
o database.yml contains "encoding:utf8"
o database content is utf8 (checked via export and Vi)
o Typo seems to send response header Content-Type="text/html; charset=utf-8"
o I manually added a before_filter to application.rb with the on line:
 @headers["Content-Type"] = "text/html;charset=UTF-8"
I did this after the problem occured the first time, but it seems to be

Now I have the strange effect that after some days/weeks all special
characters (especially german umlauts)
are displayed encoded incorrectly. It looks very ugly and unprofessional. I
found out that the following
workaround helps:
o sweep the Typo cache
o force fastcgi process to restart

Sometimes I have to do both twice.

Has anybody encountered similar effects? Is there a known bug I am not aware
Any help is extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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