[typo] 4.1: proxy errors, formatting w/ scribbish and markdown

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Thu Apr 12 00:25:35 EDT 2007

Hi, Folks -

I've upgraded my blog to 4.1 and hit a couple snags - I wonder if  
anyone here has solved these already:

1)  I reverse proxy for mongrel with Apache, and everything was  
perfect under 4.0.  In 4.1, on POST requests, often I get an error  
from mod_proxy, to the effect that the upstream server didn't respond  
properly.   In fact, the requests succeeded, something just made  
mod_proxy grumpy.

2)  Blocks of text that start with 4 spaces under MarkDown, to get  
the green-screen effect (under scribbish) used to look perfect under  
4.0.  Under 4.1, the first line of text is OK, but subsequent lines  
are heavily indented.  Example:


I haven't yet looked into either further - figured I'd ask if anybody  
else had already seen/solved these first.


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