[typo] Multi-blog support

Piers Cawley pdcawley at bofh.org.uk
Sat Sep 30 18:10:18 EDT 2006

Fraser Campbell <fraser at georgetown.wehave.net> writes:

> Hi,
> I have a number of blogs on typo 3 and I'd like to combine them into a single 
> typo instance while still keeping the separate domain names (and different 
> content under each domain).
> My theory is that each article has_and_belongs_to_many :blogs.  From the 
> administrative point of view when posting an article I would just need a list 
> of blogs with checkboxes to tell typo under which blogs the article should 
> display (I might want the article on one or several blogs).  I would be the 
> only administrative user.

I'm not entirely comfortable with a HABTM relationship between
articles and blogs. I'm more inclined to think in terms of a blog
having many articles, if only because it makes the interface and
access control issues substantially easier to deal with. I think you
might be better off with using categories to seperate subblogs, but
I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

Piers Cawley <pdcawley at bofh.org.uk>

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