[typo] Typo spam filtering -- does any of it work?

Fraser Campbell fraser at georgetown.wehave.net
Sat Sep 30 15:52:08 EDT 2006

On Saturday 23 September 2006 10:57, mathew wrote:

> 1. I have max URLs set to 3, yet I just got spam that had well over 100
> URLs in.
> 2. I have "phentermine" as a blacklist string, but... yes, hundreds of
> occurrences of that string in spam.
> I'm going to turn on Akismet, because it seems like none of typo's
> built-in spam protection code actually works. Might as well just rip
> it out.

I'm not running the latest typo but I have no problems with spam.  What did 
the trick for me was to disable comments after 10 days.  Prior to enabling 
that I had dozens of spam posts per day, now it's one every few weeks (if 

Disabling comments after a certain time period certainly isn't the most 
elegant solution but at least for now it seems to work very well.

My guess is that one of those image generators where user has to confirm 
characters that are encoded in image would be the ultimate solution (does 
typo 4 have that?).

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