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heromuto heromuto at fastmail.jp
Wed Sep 13 20:41:38 EDT 2006


I tried to place straight iframe markup in my post and then referenced
that iframe src to /files/mydocument.html

however it only return a rails error, why I am not sure because if I
point it to a normal page such as src="/" I get the page in the iframe.

If anyone can offer me a solution to this it would be much appreciated,

Yours truly


On Wed, 13 Sep 2006 06:07:05 -0700, "heromuto" <heromuto at fastmail.jp>
> Hello
> Is it possible to place an iframe like object into a typo page? I am
> using textile for formating. As I have a wide table and would like to
> have it in an iframe so as not break the layout.
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