[typo] Typo on Mongrel in a subdir

Steve Lenti stevelenti at 3pop.com
Mon Oct 30 18:50:38 EST 2006

I have a short write-up on this

I run my blog under a /blog/ dir

Josh Susser wrote:
> I'm looking to run Typo as part of a website. I want to use Mongrel
> (proxied behind Apache) and put typo in the blog/ subdir, so URLs to Typo
> will look like:
> example.com/blog
> example.com/blog/articles/2006/10/30/whatever
> I see that there is now a --prefix option in Mongrel to set the subdir in
> the URL, and Scott Laird's email exchange with Zed back in July implies
> that this will just take care of everything, except for hardcoded links. 
> My question is, has anyone got this setup working with Typo?  Any tricks
> to the setup in Apache or Mongrel besides the --prefix?
> thanks!

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