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Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Sat Oct 28 10:44:23 EDT 2006

Josh Susser wrote:
> [...]  It would be
> nice to have different levels of users:  admin, can-post, can- 
> comment, gets-email-updates, etc.

Shades of WordPress!  Oh My!
No doubt we have a lot we can learn from other Blog software.

When describing typo/rails to friends and showing them how easy it is - just
a .rhtml file and a .rb file, I get told that typo is obviously not as
popular as WordPress because "its no fun for hackers".  I presume they are
talking of the more obsessive kind who focus more on the process of coding
(the twiddly bits) than on the deliverables.

There are HUNDREDS of plugins for WordPress.  Well OK many of them duplicate
functionality and duplicate functionality that Rails already has or that are
of interest to very few.

But all-or-nothing access control is something that makes me stop and
wonder.  Yes, a mode where Typo is a bit more like a CMS, where they are
authors (who generate content) and editors (who mark it 'published') and an
administrator with God-like power....  But there are also "policy"
questions.  Who deals with 'approving' comments?

So I'd like to help Piers by proposing a more comprehensive response that
just the single question he asked.

What added functionality do you NEED (not would 'like' but _need_) ?
What added functionality do you NOT need ?

Perhaps we need a Yes/no/don't-care poll plugin!

     Yes    No       Functionality

     |X|    | |		EMail notification

     | |    | |     	Jabber notification

     | |    |x|    	Yes/no poll plugin

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