[typo] Multi-blog support

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Sun Oct 15 23:15:59 EDT 2006

Piers Cawley wrote:
> Fraser Campbell <fraser at georgetown.wehave.net> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I have a number of blogs on typo 3 and I'd like to combine them into a single 
>> typo instance while still keeping the separate domain names (and different 
>> content under each domain).
>> [...]
> I'm not entirely comfortable with a HABTM relationship between
> articles and blogs. I'm more inclined to think in terms of a blog
> having many articles, if only because it makes the interface and
> access control issues substantially easier to deal with. I think you
> might be better off with using categories to seperate subblogs, but
> I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

I'll take that up.  I want to offer a different point of view.
I run two blogs at one hosting provider.  They are actually subdomains, but
that that's beside the point - unless you note that I can create more
subdomains (and hence more blogs!) for close to zero cost.

I'd like to run one code-base without having to do 'fiddles' like
symlink-ing almost everything except /config, and /public.  Certainly true
multi-blog support based on the URL would be great ... but

Well, the separate /public means I can have different favicons and separate
/files - the former is pretty near a requirement and the latter is very
convenient when the blog themes differ.

But certainly sharing a positing between blogs is of little value when the
blogs have different subject-themes.  Even if the have the same reference
the different themes would mean different postings.

If you know of a way to make it simple with symlink-ing or with the 4.0.3
code-base, please do let me know.  Otherwise I'd welcome true multi-blog
support.  Please note the operative word - TRUE, not a hack that needs mucho
hand crafting and crufting.

Anton J Aylward,  <aja at si.on.ca>
http://antonaylward.com - Emergent Properties

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