[typo] how does typo produce feed urls with ".xml" suffix?

Stephen Bannasch stephen at deanbrook.org
Fri Mar 31 11:07:23 EST 2006

Piers wrote:
>Routes are a two way thing.


I hadn't realized that the routes worked both ways (mapping incoming url requests AND as the template used to generate urls by the app). Thank you for pointing out the concept! Of course now looking back it is obvious that it has to work that way.

I find it interesting reflecting on my process trying to figure this out. I tried to follow the url_for code in the rails source but I knew I was missing something. One part was getting my head around all the meta-programming used in Ruby and Rails and the other was the fact that as implemented in Rails routes affect both halves of the url process.


-- Stephen Bannasch, stephen at deanbrook dot org

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