[typo] REST ping (client)

Chris McCracken chrismc at ozarkmountain.net
Fri Mar 31 10:45:34 EST 2006

> It looks like the "Send Pings" client in Typo only supports the XML-RPC 
> implementation.  The weblogs.com spec for the ping API 
> (http://www.weblogs.com/api.html) also has a REST implementation.  
> XML-RPC is certainly the more robust of the two, but the REST option is 
> used (even exclusively) by a lot of sites.  Any idea how hard it would 
> be to implement a REST ping client?
<http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.typo.user/2172>On second 
thought, I just put the REST ping URL into the list with the XML-RPC 
URLs and it worked fine.  The REST ping is dumb enough that all it looks 
at are the var in the GET request.  Everything else is discarded.  
Luckily, Typo doesn't seem to look for a valid XML-RPC response.

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