[typo] Multilanguage translation of Typo

Matthijs Langenberg m.langenberg at newminds.nl
Fri Mar 31 03:47:23 EST 2006

Good morning,

We are working on a typo installation for a customer,
one of their requirements is typo in three native languages (dutch,
german and english).
Currently we are wondering if there is already any progress in making
Typo multi language, or that we should start from the beginning?
We are only interested in a translation of the front-end, if anybody is
already busy with that we might help a hand.
If there isn't much of the translation going on at the moment we were
thinking of creating the following quick solution for our customer:
Setup three Typo installations, one for each language, and use gettext
to make a native translation, which might not be a great contribution to
So actually we are just wondering about the current status of a multi
language feature.


Matthijs Langenberg 
Newminds make IT happen B.V.
Email: m.langenberg at newminds.nl

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