[typo] The rails_1_1 branch

Dean Strelau strelau at cornell.edu
Thu Mar 30 10:38:48 EST 2006

I had the same thing happening to me. In
app/controllers/articles_controller.rb change

layout :theme_layout, :except => [:comment_preview, :trackback]
layout :theme_layout, :except => [:comment, :comment_preview, :trackback]

On 3/30/06, Jason Bainbridge <typo-list at jasonbainbridge.com> wrote:
> Piers Cawley wrote:
> >Okay, who wants to be on the bleading edge?
> >
> >
> >
> Well after a bit of grief with forcing Rails to use the production
> environment after the Rails upgrade I have gotten this to work, for the
> most part it works fine but the AJAX commenting does something weird
> with the sidebar and makes it repeat on the other side at the bottom.
> If you leave a comment on one of my posts at
> http://typo.jasonbainbridge.com then you'll see what I mean, is that
> just a theme related issue or something within typo?
> Regards,
> Jason
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