[typo] How to lock Typo to Rails 1.0?

Steve Longdo steve.longdo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 00:17:00 EST 2006

Sorry if my language seemed inflammatory.  I've had lots of super bad
experiences with IRC botware so I stay out of there.  I imagine a sizable
percentage of Typo users don't go there either.  We do check the mailing
list or the in transit typosphere.org website.

I have had some success with removing the sidebars code from my install to
reclaim some memory.  I also switched the environment.rb to not load
actionwebservice which does prevent webservice access to my blog, but I
mostly go through the admin web interface anyway.  Application.rb has a line
mentioning to use cache_pages instead of cache_actions_with_params in memory
constrained environments.  These changes have dramatically dropped my memory
use on TXD.  Stabilizing it at around 37-42M.  So I have worked around the
memory limit there, but CPU% will still exceed 10% for more than 60secs and
the OS kills processes on TXD that do that...

I have noticed even on my Mac when using the admin interface to post an
article the live update applies filters, etc. and causes a huge spike in CPU
usage.  I have taken to editing my posts locally and then pasting them into
my textdrive account.  Sometimes CPU will just spike though...  :-(  I've
found a lot of information on memory profiling for Ruby on line but nothing
about reducing CPU cycles.  Perhaps being able to toggle the live update
versus a preview post button would help here?

Please don't take my comments as an attack on you or Team Typo, I just think
that communication through channels other than IRC might have been a good
way to let the  unwashed masses of Typo users know what was going on.  I've
seen the trac timeline and can tell that you and Scott and Piers have been
very busy trying to get things cleaned up today.  Again no disrespect was
intended.  I have been a happy Typo user for some time now and don't want to
jump ship to *gasp* PHP or anything else.  It would be good if there was a
1.1 release project with the known compatibility issues on Trac, I am sure
that myself and other capable ruby programmers would be happy to provide
some patches to help you guys get through this transition quicker.

On 3/29/06, Kevin Ballard <kevin at sb.org> wrote:
> On Mar 29, 2006, at 2:09 PM, Steve Longdo wrote:
> > I think the issue with this might be that the Typo environment.rb
> > includes the vendor/rails/*/lib in the config.load_paths and that
> > might be why:
> >
> > require_gem 'rails', '= 1.1.0'
> >
> > doesn't work so good.
> I looked at this the other day and environment.rb actually includes
> boot.rb which does a 'require' for a file inside the rails gem, so I
> wasn't sure what the right way was to lock it to a specific rails
> (since I figured there might be a good reason why it was requiring
> just that one file and not the whole gem).
> > Really the Typo team dropped the ball on this one, it isn't like
> > they didn't know that Rails 1.1 was coming or that they were going
> > to have problems.  I am disappointed with the response from them
> > which has been near silence.
> Near silence? I take it you never even bothered to drop by the IRC
> channel #typo (on freenode) where we've been discussing this for some
> time. The problem is that there's apparently no way to maintain both
> 1.0 and 1.1 compatibility with Typo (don't know why, but that's what
> we've discovered) and so we decided to hold off updating until 1.1
> was actually out the door. And now that it is, we've been working on
> getting Typo running on it. If you look at the IRC channel we have
> instructions for locking Typo to 1.0 rails (using the `rake
> freeze_edge REVISION=3303` trick) and warnings that Typo trunk only
> works on 1.0. And once our new branch has been verified to work on
> Rails 1.1, we'll update trunk and tell everybody to upgrade rails.
> > Even when they are ready the memory consumption/CPU usage now
> > exceeds the max per process on Textdrive.  So without some clean up
> > to the codebase people will be in for a shock when they can get to
> > Rails 1.1 and Typo 4.0 on a shred host because it will get killed
> > anyway. *sigh*
> That's actually a problem with TextDrive. We don't know why it
> happens, but TextDrive causes Typo to use approximately twice as much
> RAM as every other system I've seen statistics on. I don't know what
> to do about it.
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