[typo] How to lock Typo to Rails 1.0?

Pascal Belloncle psq at nanorails.com
Wed Mar 29 16:51:07 EST 2006

Sean Mountcastle <smountcastle <at> gmail.com> writes:

> > Try running:
> >
> > rake freeze_edge REVISION=3303
> >
> > On your Typo install directory.  This is the equivalent to the Rails 1.0gem.
> Thanks Steve, that works.  But the whole purpose of RubyGems is so
> that you could have multiple versions of gems installed and have your
> Ruby app require a specific version -- does this not work with Rails
> at all?
> Sean

To lock your "require" to a specific version you can follow the instructions from

Maybe the environment.rb from typo should use this?


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