[typo] Recent Multi-Blog update Breaks

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 08:33:16 EST 2006

On 20 Mar 2006, at 12:46, Piers Cawley wrote:

>> There is a growing interest in Typo, but until there is a 4.0
>> release I never really recommend it to anyone unless they feel
>> confident about it.
> The "Typo installation is as friendly as a cornered rat" issue again
> eh? From some of the things he's been saying about this on IRC, I'm
> pretty sure you'll like Scott's work on this.

That's good news.  That's the first complaint I hear.  But in my  
experience it's always been a platform/host issue that has caused the  

>> Everybody I know who isn't too technically minded - and has tried
>> Typo - has pulled their hair out in frustration.  I've been bitten
>> hard a couple of times with migrations, but that isn't a problem for
>> me because I know what working on the edge of trunk means.
> And it's because we have to deal with the support issues that arise
> when these things happen that we've been working on making the last
> few migrations as painless as possible. The new BareMigration system
> is a massive improvement here and a thousand thanks are owed to
> bronson at rinspin for the fabulous patch that introduced BareMigrations
> and rejigged all the migrations to use them. I now have a great deal
> more confidence that I can make a migration work independently of any
> future changes in the behaviour of typo's model objects and that's an
> enormous godsend. I'm now pretty confident that you can migrate up to
> the bleading edge from any schema version you like, and that's a
> massive improvement on the the bad old days of, um... not all that
> long ago recently.

That is even better news.  Migrations were always a 'Hold your  
breath' issue ... part of the fun though ;)  Still, anything that  
reduces potential pain is fantastic.

>> I still have just over a thousand legacy blog comments sitting in an
>> sql file that I have to reinclude because they got lost on one
>> migration.  But that's what I get if I only check 99% of everything
>> after a trunk migration :)
> Ow! Ow! Ow!
> I'd suggest copying your production data into a development database
> and then, assuming N is the schema version that the comments you have
> come from, do:
>   $ rake migrate VERSION=N
>   $ <appropriate rdbms commandline> < all_those_comments.sql
>   $ rake migrate
> and test like crazy.
> If it works you can take the production version down for a few minutes
> and do the same thing with the production database. If it doesn't,
> it'd be good to know why no.

Oh it's more exciting than that.  I went through two trunk jumps  
before I realised that all the comments before a certain date were,  
er, gone.  So the backup of the comments are actually sitting in an  
sql file extracted from a Textpattern backup file so they have to be  
converted to a Typo form and then reintegrated.

I'm going to have to really be in the mood to tackle that little task  
- and probably have nothing better to do :)  My ego doesn't need all  
those comments reintegrated in any hurry, so it's definitely a  
backburner issue.


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