[typo] failed migration

cedric cedric at feelfree.homelinux.com
Sat Mar 18 14:14:24 EST 2006

Ernie I think that Piers is right.
the best way is to have 2 blogs. 

a development one to test all the things, your improvements on plugins, 
themes, etc... and 
a production one with just the "stable updates" both blogs under svn, it 
depends just on which update you willl upload.

I'm doing it since several months and it works well.

Le Samedi 18 Mars 2006 20:00, Piers Cawley a écrit :
> "Ernie Oporto" <ernieoporto at gmail.com> writes:
> > I still have the files so if I put the 1_initial_schema.rb back in place
> > and remove 0_initial_schema.rb and
> > 1_add_extended_html.rb, will I be in good shape?
> Should be.
> > Any suggestions for getting myself properly situated with svn in the
> > current setup?
> Err... run your production code from an svn managed directory?

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