[typo] Recent Multi-Blog update Breaks

cedric cedric at feelfree.homelinux.com
Fri Mar 17 09:33:25 EST 2006

Yes, I made the same experience, I think that's a mistake... comments are
suggesting a new branch, but changeset #915 appears in trunk. I believe
that it will be corrected soon...

Kob. http://kobayazen.ath.cx

> Just a note, I found that when attempting to update to the latestTrunk,
> rev 915 breaks (it can't seem to add the new blogs tablecorrectly) 914 is
> good though. It seems to me that a multiblog branchshould be handled that
> way, in its own branch, not in the trunk(although the comment seems to
> imply that it is being done in abranch, maybe im just SVN illiterate)
> --Cheers,Kevin Kubasikhttp://blog.kubasik.net/
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