[typo] multi-db typo cache problems

Csaba Henk csaba-ml at creo.hu
Thu Mar 16 04:27:36 EST 2006

On 2006-03-15, Scott Laird <scott at sigkill.org> wrote:
> Wow, this one's new to me.  The cache *should* work if you're using a
> version of Typo new enoughto use the action cache.  The hostname
> should be part of the cachekey.  Take a look at
> vendor/plugins/expiring_action_cache and add somedebugging code to see
> what's happening.

I see. I don't have time for debugging it now (I hoped I can get along with
utilizing someone's expertise :)). I'll look back when I get to the point
that I can devote time for it.

>  Frankly, the multi-blog DB connect code in that
> post is kind ofhideous.  It needs more error checking, and it really
> ought to cacheDB connections or something--as it is, it looks like
> it'll do a newconnection for every hit.

Yeah, that's pathetic...

> There are a couple people
> working on moving multi-blog support intothe core of Typo, but I don't
> know when we'll see working code--itmight be today, it might be next
> year.

I hope for the best...

Thanks for the answers, I at least have some picture now :)


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