[typo] Theme Modification Needed: Pay $200

Jason Froderman froderman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 02:29:06 EST 2006

I need some modifications to the stock azure theme on a typo blog.  For 
someone that has played with typo/rails, it should be really easy.  I'm 
behind on my flash development and don't have the time to program it.  
All images/design will be provided.  The theme needs to be tweaked with 
certain things repositioned.  The most complicated thing is to create a 
static menu to appear in the sidebar that uses an unordered list and 
figures out what page it's on...

Want more info?  Email me: jason-- at --froderman.com

Pay: $200

Deadline can be negotiated...quicker the better.

Thanks everybody.  Thanks to all that have contributed...I love 
typo...I love rails.

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