[typo] Heavy RAM usage? Instability?

Kevin Ballard kevin at sb.org
Wed Mar 15 22:58:22 EST 2006

I see everybody throwing around a single number, but memory isn't  
just a single number. There's actually 4 components - real and  
virtual memory, and private vs. shared for each. What I tend to see  
is about 25MB of real memory (that's shared + private) and 25MB of  
virtual memory when I check my installation. What would be even more  
important would be the real *private* memory, that's how much RAM is  
dedicated to that process alone (shared includes things like loaded  
libraries and such, memory that's shared between processes), but I'm  
not sure the proper switches for `ps ` to get that with the OS  
running on my host.

On Mar 15, 2006, at 7:44 PM, Nicholas Van Weerdenburg wrote:

> The thing is, 50 MB might or might not be right -- it's hard to judge
> without knowing what Typo is loading. But if other applications can be
> around 30 MB (including mine), then that extra 20 MB should be for
> something that justifies that much memory. Right now, I'm not sure  
> what
> you could load that would take up 20 MB to display a few pages. If  
> it's
> intentional, we should document it, but it might not be  
> intentional, in
> which case it deserves a look.
> By the way, the behavior of my Typo is interesting. When it first  
> runs,
> it's around 30MB (before any controllers are invoked). After the first
> page load, it goes up to 50MB.  I load a bunch of pages and it's still
> at 50 MB.  A day or so later, it'll be at 52 MB (during the time I've
> checked, it hasn't been up for more than about a day), and I'm pretty
> sure that no pages besides the ones I loaded earlier are being hit.

Kevin Ballard
kevin at sb.org

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