[typo] multi-db typo cache problems

Csaba Henk csaba-ml at creo.hu
Wed Mar 15 05:47:39 EST 2006


I'm using typo on Lighttpd + FastCGI (recent snapshot, namely r762). It
serves more than one db, using the trick described at


I had to disable caching, because Typo reuses the cache contents
regardless of switching between blogs, so you get one blogger's blog
when you'd like to see the blog of another one. Even so, parts of blog
content (eg., title/subtitle field) will be slightly mixed when asking
for one's blog after the other's, and the real blog will be seen only
after a browser refresh. (Notes here:

  - no, it's not browser cache, I tested with two distinct browser
  - if I had caching enabled, browser refresh wouldn't help either.


Moreover, if I ask for a nonexistent blog (db table) foo (via the
appropriate subdomain), I get a mysql error. That's OK, but from that on
Typo just keeps on whining that "can't connect database foo" (even if I
want to access existing blogs). (Yeah, as a workaround I can get the
webserver allow only subdomains where there is an existing blog, but I'd
prefer to keep config orthogonal, that is, there should be exactly one
thing to modify in order to add a new blog, ie. add a new MySQL table).

Can you give me advice how to solve these?


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