[typo] Lucid theme with SVN

phil phil at cryer.us
Tue Mar 7 11:26:02 EST 2006

Has anyone got this working?  I *love* the mint theme, it's such a nice design, but permalink/articles DO NOT work, they just blow up.  I"ve tried the fix on this page [http://typoforums.org/index.php/topic,25.0.html] and changed the line to: 
<%= article_html(article,:body) %> 

but that doesn't fix it. I'm running SVN from today and it just won't work.  I'm disappointed because this is an amazing theme.  Looking at Jamie (thelucid.com)'s site, he hasn't updated it since 12/29/2005 so I'm afraid we may have to fix this ourselves.  Has anyone got it working with SVN, or have any clues as to how to fix?  (I've posted on the typo forums, I've hacked the code a bit and I've left a message with the theme's creator too...)


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