[typo] index caching

Jake Good jake at whoisjake.com
Sun Mar 5 19:54:39 EST 2006

I just now got it working again... I had made some simple modifications 
to the .htaccess which apparantly broke out of the blue.

:: shrugs :: I just reverted my .htaccess and it's working. Now to 
figure out what the pesky things were in my .htaccess...

Thanks for helping!

George Razvan NICA wrote:
> Hi Jake,
> On 3/6/06, Jake Good <jake at whoisjake.com> wrote:
>> I've recently ran into trouble with my Typo installation.
>> Currently my site (http://www.thoughtstoblog.com) resides at Dreamhost.
>> I hadn't changed any configuration or any files and out of the blue the
>> base url (handled by the index action on the articles controller) was no
>> longer responding. I go to the base url (www.thoughtstoblog.com) and the
>> screen is blank, with no HTML.
> [ snip ]
> FYI, everything looks fine to me. Your last post is 2 days old and
> _does_ show up.
> To keep things slightly on topic, however, I stumbled upon this kind
> of symptoms when running under Webrick a few times. Deleting
> /tmp/ruby-sess* solved the problem. Seems to be related to sessions.
> Not familiar with Dreamhost's setup but I guess that it's not your
> case.
> However, as specified, your blog looks OK here.
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