[typo] index caching

Jake Good jake at whoisjake.com
Sun Mar 5 19:26:53 EST 2006

I've recently ran into trouble with my Typo installation.

Currently my site (http://www.thoughtstoblog.com) resides at Dreamhost. 
I hadn't changed any configuration or any files and out of the blue the 
base url (handled by the index action on the articles controller) was no 
longer responding. I go to the base url (www.thoughtstoblog.com) and the 
screen is blank, with no HTML.

If I head to www.thoughtstoblog.com/articles , which is the equivalent 
in routes.rb... it works fine. The index is not being cached and no 
content is being sent.

I've turned it to development mode and nothing comes through at all when 
I hit www.thoughtstoblog.com. No messages nothing... once again, it 
happened out of the blue.

In my panicky, potentially unwise drunken state... I did an svn 
update... which took me from r845 where I was.. to r876. The problem 
still persists...

Any clues would be very helpful... I have a lot of readers who still 
aren't using an aggregator and they are getting blank content.

I'm probably not giving you all the information that anyone would need 
to help me out... so feel free to request whatever is necessary :)


p.s. I added a comment and changed the status of 
http://www.typosphere.org/trac/ticket/653 because I felt that it might 
be the same problem.

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