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Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Sat Mar 4 19:51:10 EST 2006

We're probably going to get something like this once multiple-blog support
shows up, simply because it'll require some way of storing the base_url that
goes with each blog.  Other then that, though, I'm not sure if it's really
worth it right now.

Anyway, the current trunk doesn't use URL-based GUIDs for feeds--it
generates a fixed GUID for each article and uses it instead.


On 3/4/06, Dominic Mitchell <dom at happygiraffe.net> wrote:
> I've just found and fixed a subtle problem with typo blog.  One of my
> readers complained that now and again, all entries in my feed would
> show up as "new" even though they had been read.  It turned out to be
> a misconfiguration of my server: I was serving the same content as both
> http://happygiraffe.net/ and http://www.happygiraffe.net/.  The trouble
> was that when I posted a new entry, the first person to access the feed
> would decide which URL was stored in the cached feed.  So all my guids
> changed from one domain to another.
> I've fixed this configuration for now with some heavy handed
> application of mod_rewrite.
> But I was wondering -- should typo store the URL for the blog inside
> itself and use that for URL generation?  I took a brief look and saw
> that it all boils down to Rails' url_for being called from inside
> article_url().  Would it be reasonable to always specify a :hostname
> part using another setting?  That would avoid gratuitous guid changes...
> Thanks,
> -Dom
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