[typo] URLs in feeds

Dominic Mitchell dom at happygiraffe.net
Sat Mar 4 19:20:17 EST 2006

I've just found and fixed a subtle problem with typo blog.  One of my
readers complained that now and again, all entries in my feed would
show up as "new" even though they had been read.  It turned out to be
a misconfiguration of my server: I was serving the same content as both
http://happygiraffe.net/ and http://www.happygiraffe.net/.  The trouble
was that when I posted a new entry, the first person to access the feed
would decide which URL was stored in the cached feed.  So all my guids
changed from one domain to another.

I've fixed this configuration for now with some heavy handed
application of mod_rewrite.

But I was wondering -- should typo store the URL for the blog inside
itself and use that for URL generation?  I took a brief look and saw
that it all boils down to Rails' url_for being called from inside
article_url().  Would it be reasonable to always specify a :hostname
part using another setting?  That would avoid gratuitous guid changes...


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