[typo] Multiple Blogs Ticket #343

Piers Cawley pdcawley at bofh.org.uk
Sat Mar 4 03:50:59 EST 2006

Scott Laird <scott at sigkill.org> writes:

> On Feb 16, 2006, at 9:06 PM, b4 wrote:
>> I'm new.  I'm evaluating blog packages to use in a project.  We  
>> have 2 key
>> requirements:
>> support for multiple blogs/users
>>   one instance of typo for hundreds or thousands of blogs and authors
>> ability to do single sign-on with our core app (built on Rails)
>>   authentication and authorization driven from our user/permission  
>> model
>> I found ticket #343 http://www.typosphere.org/trac/ticket/343.  Is  
>> anyone
>> working on this?  I would rather _not_ go back to J2EE and use  
>> Roller.  In fact,
>> i would rather spend a month solving those 2 problems using typo ;~)
>> Any thoughts?  Warnings?
> A number of people have started looking at adding multi-blog support  
> to Typo, but no one has actually finished yet.  It'll end up being  
> fairly invasive, but it's not undoable.  I suspect that it's really  
> just a couple weeks' work.

It's that very invasiveness that scares me certainly. And it's quite
hard to think of a simple little test case to add that won't need the
whole two weeks of work to make it pass.

I suppose a first step would be to add a 'blog_id' entry to the
contents table and make the various controllers use it... Hmm...

I think it's a post 4.0 thing though.

Piers Cawley <pdcawley at bofh.org.uk>

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