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Matt Rose mattrose at folkwolf.net
Mon Jun 26 20:22:29 EDT 2006

as plugins.  They're pretty easy to write, even  without a lot of  
coding knowledge.  Use the components/plugins/sidebars/static  
directory and controller as your guide, and you should have no trouble.

Can't wait to see it.

On 26-Jun-06, at 6:09 PM, John Wang wrote:

> After using MediaWiki for a long time I got spoiled with their auto- 
> TOC feature which creates a set of links to anchors on the page. I  
> thought it would be nice to have a TOC for blog pages where you  
> have to scroll down to see the titles of all the articles on the  
> page. To scratch this itch, I put together a quick TOC feature for  
> my Typo blog (implemented and documented at http://www.dev411.com/ 
> blog/ ). Is this something that would be generally useful? If so, I  
> can put some more work into it, e.g. admin console control.
> Also, how are the sidebar features ( e.g. Flickr, Tada list,  
> 43things goals, etc.) implemented? Are they implemented as plugins  
> or are they hardcoded into Typo? If the are plugins, I'll look into  
> making the TOC feature a plugin.
> John
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