[typo] New Typo Install - install notes, theme viewer and an import question

Timothy Freund tim at digital-achievement.com
Thu Jun 22 20:01:59 EDT 2006

Yes, the theme page is cool.

I will have the first version of a subversion backed theme repository up 
and accessible on Sunday evening or Monday morning.  That will allow 
themes to keep up with trunk while still retaining copies that work on 
older versions of Typo.  I have most of the back end testing processes 
written, and now I'm working on the front end.  I'd be done if it 
weren't for my day job... :-)

Perhaps themes that go into the new repository can appear on your
preview page as well?


> On 22 Jun 2006, at 02:08, John Wang wrote:
>>I just put together a tutorial on installing Typo (2.6.0 with  
>>captive Rails) with MySQL, Apache, lighttpd and FastCGI if anyone  
>>is interested:
>>I also put together a Typo Theme Viewer app using Scriptaculous'  
>>Sortable. Right now it only covers the themes at Typo Garden but  
>>others can be added. It's primarily designed to make visual  
>>scanning a lot easier.
> Very nice work John.  Crying shame that those themes are broken on  
> trunk as that would be a handy resource.  The fellas at Typogarden  
> should have a word with you.
>>Finally, is there a good way to import blog entries/comments from  
>>Blogger? If not, how would one go about doing this. Is there any  
>>partial code already available?
> I thought there was one - but there isn't.  I'd use a Blogger to MT/ 
> Wordpress/Textpattern converter and then convert that from the Typo  
> converters that are available.
> Gary
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