[typo] New Typo Install - install notes, theme viewer and an import question

John Wang johncwang at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 21:08:10 EDT 2006

I just put together a tutorial on installing Typo (2.6.0 with captive Rails)
with MySQL, Apache, lighttpd and FastCGI if anyone is interested:


I also put together a Typo Theme Viewer app using Scriptaculous' Sortable.
Right now it only covers the themes at Typo Garden but others can be added.
It's primarily designed to make visual scanning a lot easier.


The blog has posts on both if you have comments questions - I'm still not
sure it's fully operational. Sometimes I get strange Rails errors but they
are intermittent.


Finally, is there a good way to import blog entries/comments from Blogger?
If not, how would one go about doing this. Is there any partial code already

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