[typo] Commit access to typo

Ralph Douglass ralph at grayskies.net
Wed Jun 21 17:09:18 EDT 2006

Scott wrote:

9.  We need maintainers with time.  Right now, I think there are 6 or
7 people with SVN write access.  4 of those are basically done with
Typo, leaving 3 of us semi-active.  If a couple people could step up
and demonstrate that they (a) have time, (b) know what they're doing,
and (c) are good at dealing with bugs, then I'd be glad to add them to
the commit list.

The company I'm working for wants to start providing Typo as a service, 
so I have resources to put towards fixing bugs and applying the patches 
submitted on trac.  I would love to commit our fixes to trunk.  How 
would you propose I go about demonstrating b and c?

- Ralph Douglass

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