[typo] A little extra stability

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 14:33:55 EDT 2006

On 21 Jun 2006, at 17:34, Andy Carrel wrote:

> On the other hand, this may just make them (DreamHost) angry  
> because they don't want a lot of long-lived (rather large)  
> processes hanging out on their systems. The 500s are because (a)  
> the FCGI connector isn't good about detecting failed connections  
> ahead of a request coming in asking to use the connection and (b)  
> Rails can't really get itself restarted in a short enough time to  
> get there before the timeout.

Well DH are well aware of this fix and I'm sure if you were running  
RoR code that caused issues then they'd let you know, and like I said  
I ran this for months last year when they were new to RoR and were  
more likely to err on the side of caution.  It's not keeping  
processes alive, it's just restarting instead of exiting - unless  
I've misunderstood something...

> It's also worth noting that if you're capturing SIGTERM, you're  
> capturing your chance to for your process to die while cleaning up  
> its mess. Normally the "please restart" signal is SIGHUP. If  
> someone has to do maintenance on these systems and kill -TERMing  
> your processes doesn't work it's going to head right on to kill -9  
> which may or may not be a desirable state of affairs.

I don't understand what the concern is here.  In fact once a day at  
an ungodly hour I kill -9 the fcgi processes ... I think it's good  

All in all it's stabilizes the environment for Typo and I haven't  
heard any problems with it ... only good things.  I don't quite get  
what concerns you have ... but server set-up and fcgi playing nicely  
is still a dark(ish) art to me.


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