[typo] A little extra stability

Koen Van der Auwera kvanderauwera at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 08:47:06 EDT 2006

I can confirm this. I'm also running typo at dreamhost.

I use feedburner and as you probably know feedburner warns you when there is
something wrong with your sourcefeed. So in fact you know when there's a
problem with your blog.

Before I had about 20+ messages/warnings a day and since I added the piece
of code below I see about 2 to 3 messages a week or so. Big improvement if
you ask me.

On 6/21/06, Gary Shewan <gpsnospam at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm on Dreamhost and this definitely works for me, but it might be
> worthwhile if you try it on your own hosting provider.  I've said for
> a while now that most of the time I don't have problems with Typo ...
> but with Rails and fastcgi and everything else playing nicely together.
> I noticed this in the Dreamhost wiki:
> "Dreamhost regularly kills off sleeping processes with their
> watchdog. This will kill your dispatch.fcgi processes, leading to
> Error 500s from time to time. You'll need to make dispatch.fcgi
> ignore all TERM requests by changing how it responds to them."
> Sounded very familiar to me so I put the following in dispatch.fcgi
> (after require 'fcgi_handler'):
> class RailsFCGIHandler
>   private
>     def frao_handler(signal)
>       dispatcher_log :info, "asked to terminate immediately"
>       dispatcher_log :info, "frao handler working its magic!"
>       restart_handler(signal)
>     end
>     alias_method :exit_now_handler, :frao_handler
>   end
> RailsFCGIHandler.process!
> I'd had that code in last summer, and it'd been replaced in an
> upgrade and I'd never put it back.  To be honest with you after the
> release of Rails 1 (and rake and something else I think) I was under
> a misconception that I wouldn't need it anymore.  But it really has
> made a *massive* difference to the number of errors I get.
> Dare I say it? ... the install is stable.  My log sizes have dropped
> by 70% at least.  In fact looking in the fastcgi crash log I can see
> that it's working:
> [21/Jun/2006:01:49:43 :: 4123] asked to terminate immediately
> [21/Jun/2006:01:49:43 :: 4123] frao handler working its magic!
> [21/Jun/2006:01:49:43 :: 4123] asked to restart ASAP
> May be well worth putting that into dispatch.fcgi ... can't see it
> hurting.
> Gary
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