[typo] Testing typo...

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 05:42:24 EDT 2006

On 20 Jun 2006, at 08:42, Chris Roos wrote:

> I just checked out a fresh copy of typo from svn and ran all the tests
> against a fresh db (mysql 5.0.13).  I'm still using Ruby 1.8.2 and at
> first I had one failing test (XmlControllerTest#test_xml_atom10).
> This appeared to be rexml related and sure enough, having upgraded
> rexml from to 3.1.4, all the tests now pass.  I have innodb
> database engine installed.  I'm on Mac Os x 10.4.6.

I've just ran the tests with Typo r1055 with Rails r4464.  MySQL  
4.1.15 as the database.  Exactly the same result as you Chris with  
just the one failure:

   1) Failure:
     [./test/functional/admin/../../test_helper.rb:44:in `assert_xpath'
<false> is not true.

I'm not going to upgrade rexml quite yet as I don't have Darwinports  
to make it easy, but I'd suspect everything would pass if I did.

I think you have some digging to do Matt.


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