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levi mccallum vemon388 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 16:45:04 EDT 2006

Infact, I have had a request from people on the IRC. People are finding it
harder and harder to install typo at both states of install. So I have come
up with a new install page on the wiki,
http://typosphere.org/trac/wiki/install . I believe this will be a great
tutorial once it is done. If you guys have time, could you please edit it
and clean it up. I don't have all the time in the world to do things like
wiki edits. I know it is far from finished, but I would love to have this
'save' Typo. The basic gist will include the two ways one could install Typo
(svn and manual upload), the risks envolved in using these types, and the
database setups one could use. I am planning to finish it pretty soon (end
week kinda stuff) but I am moving country tommorrow (hawaii) then flying to
the main land for a holiday. So I can't plan on alot.



On 6/19/06, levi mccallum <vemon388 at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is exactly the kind of spirit we need. Gary you are a great thinker.
> Levi
> On 6/19/06, Gary Shewan <gpsnospam at gmail.com > wrote:
> >
> > On 6/18/06, Syed Uzair Aqeel <uzair at nairang.org > wrote:
> >
> >      So, does anyone know how to go about getting a login? If yes, I
> > volunteer to
> >      put this info on Trac :)
> >
> > It has to be said...
> >
> > Instead of asking for a 'login' you'd be better off producing
> > documentation and linking to it off Trac (You can - try the
> > 'Tutorials/Articles' section) or improving what is already there ...
> > there are 'Edit this page' links if you move off the home page.
> >
> > Come on now.  In all honesty nobody is going to get committer or Trac
> > access without showing that it'd be worthwhile or that they know what
> > they are doing.
> >
> > Nobody needs to ask for access.  You don't need access to produce
> > documentation and you don't need commit status until you've shown you
> > can produce the patches (with tests) in a consistent way.
> >
> > What's that phrase?  "Less talk more action..." ?
> >
> > :)
> >
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