[typo] Typo is getting poor!

Ernie Oporto ernieoporto at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 14:55:33 EDT 2006

After complaining about my RSS sidebar not working, I rolled up my sleeves
and fixed it.  This, after giving a try at Mephisto and finding it harder to
set up than Typo was.  So Typo is back in my good graces, and honestly there
isn't any feature that I can think of that I'm eager to have added.  Maybe
I'm too easy to please but it works great for me right now.  I'm stable on
r1004 if anyone wants a recommended trunk version to use.

That said, what reason would one want to go to r1055, or something more
stable between the two?


On 6/16/06, Geoffrey Grosenbach <boss at topfunky.com> wrote:
> This suggestion will probably not be popular: use a VPS or dedicated
> server. If you're stuck on a shared server, write your own simple
> blog or use one of the newer, lightweight ones.
> I had continuous problems with Typo on my shared host. I switched to
> a VPS with 192 MB RAM and have had 0 problems and continuous uptime
> for the last three months. (granted, I'm using a trunk version from a
> few months ago).
> Geoff
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