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On Thu, 15 Jun 2006 18:14:55 -0500, Timothy Freund <tim at digital-achievement.com> wrote:
> I agree with that idea.  The Typo community should eat its own dog food
> and run an instance on typosphere.org.  Give accounts to a few active
> individuals and let them post not just about Typo, but about the
> competition as well.
> That way we spread the responsibility out over several busy individuals
> rather than one busy individual, and by writing about innovations across
> the blogging community and not just within Typo we will better see how
> Typo stacks up against other offerings.

Definintely, and now is the time to regroup, after all the Mepistop talk I did some looking around and found this snippet:


This is unrelated to the other happenings above, but I wanted to comment on this due to the recent happenings. The Rails Weblog has just swapped their blogging engine from Typo to Mephisto. Of course they would give Rick all the credit wouldn’t they. ;-p

Mephisto is a new Rails based publishing system (yes, another one). We haven’t released an official version of it yet, but we hope to be doing that soon. At the moment I’m implementing a new interface for Mephisto and we have to work out file management as well before we do an official release. Here is a sneak peak at the new interface (pay no mind to the text):
Some of you may or may not know, but I had a hand in Typo as well. It’s actually how I met and started working with Tobias. So why are people swapping from Typo? I don’t mean to take anything away from the talented folks who are doing the upkeep on Typo, but to me, Typo has lost focus of it’s purpose. Typo’s purpose was to publish content, but it has quickly evolved into much more, the interface has suffered as a result of this. There is so much focus on the development that the usability has taken a big blow. I’m not sure if the Typo team has an active designer on staff, but I know that a sole designer simply can’t keep up with the pace of development. Or, at least, this was the case right before I stopped working on it. (Disclaimer: I haven’t checked out any of the recent version of Typo).

With Mephisto it’s primarily just me and Rick working on it, although we have received some great contributions from others. We both have very high standards and we want to see those high standards reflected in what we release to the public. Mephisto is still in it’s infancy, but keep your eyes pealed for more to come. 


So it's not just us that feel like this, but now it's becoming the consensus is in the Rails community; Typo has lost ground, but we need to look forward with what we can do to strengthen the community.  First off has to be the website, make it easier to use obviously, but also have a 1-2-3-4 step process where a newbie can downlaod/install/run a 2.6.0 instance in short order.  From there I think we *need* a target date and requirement list for 4.0.0, then a theme site to allow users all of the themes for 2.6.0 and a sep listing for -trunk, that way when 4.0.0 comes out there will be a slew of themes avail out of the gate.  Sorry, but people will judge Typo in how it looks, but with the themes we have from the contest that's no problem, it's just making those themes available (how about shipping with the top 5 rated ones?  As well as migrating them to work with -trunk/4.0.0.


> Jon Gretar Borgthorsson wrote:
>> I would think that it should be pretty natural simply to set up a Typo
>> installation at http://www.typosphere.org and have recent changes blog
>> there or something.
>> On 6/15/06, cedric <cedric at feelfree.homelinux.com> wrote:
>>>Typo is loosing some users with its strange devel process.
>>>I explain...
>>>few guy are doing a really good job on typo dev, but everything (but
>>>nothing) is on the trac, releasing patches (yes we can look at the
> source,
>>>I know) but nobody wants to go ahead with a typosphere announcing a
>>>"coming soon" message for several month now, a dead typogarden project!
>>>Some people don't want to hear it but perhaps the good thing to do is to
>>>create a REALLY ATTRACTIVE wiki with details on installing, configuring
>>>typo, and themes...
>>>and some info on programming stuff (API, classes,etc...)
>>>Typo helped me to discover RoR and I'm addicted but sometimes people
> need
>>>to see sparkling things to discover the real beauty!
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