[typo] Typo is getting poor!

uzair at nairang.org uzair at nairang.org
Fri Jun 16 10:08:45 EDT 2006

> With regards to 'Stewardship'
> Tobi is quite rightly giving all of his attention to Shopify.  Scott
> was doing exciting things with Google which I guess doesn't leave too
> much time, Piers is probably neck deep in a tight coding schedule for
> real money, Kevin is - no idea - where are you Kevin? :)  But if
> there are important patches to be included in trunk maybe somebody
> could list them to make it easier if one of the maintainers dropped
> in to include them in a changeset?  With regards to documentation ...
> well we could all have a hand in editing Trac ... it's not the best
> for new users but it'd be a start.  If people know a bit about
> troubleshooting dropping by the forums more often would probably help
> as well.

Great, we're in agreement. Now, who owns typosphere.org? I for one would
like to be given write-access. I don't have much to add straight away, but
I'm happy to sit down for an hour on the weekend and write something, or
proofread what someone else has written.

Once again this is just my personal opinion, but forums are a bad idea
without some documentation in place. They are also not the right place to
put documentation. The reasons are many, but the most obvious ones are
duplication and navigation. Get typosphere.org going and the forums will
come to life by themselves, and will in fact help us fix and add to the
documentation on the website.

There, I've put my hand up.


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