[typo] Typo is getting poor!

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 06:42:46 EDT 2006

On 16 Jun 2006, at 09:42, a lot of people wrote:

> A lot of things ...

With regards to a stable version of Typo.

I'm on r1055 for Typo.  As for Rails I'm on r4444.  I use Ecto to  
post and get the odd error when setting the category but it's easy  
enough to fix in admin.  Once a day I have a cron job running which  
kills off the dispatch.fcgi processes and keeps things (seemingly)  
fresh.  I cycle the production log every few days to make sure it  
doesn't get too big and the errors I get are minimal ... but more  
importantly they are still there.  If you want a version of Typo that  
doesn't crash ... it doesn't exist yet.  Saying that though a lot of  
the errors for me seem to be relating to Rails and not Typo.   
Remember that both of them are still very much being developed and  
the major problem that every Rails application seems to have is  
deployment and stability.

Kester Dobson was providing trunk in a zipped format for those who  
don't have a clue about SVN (www.justkez.com/typo/)

With regards to Typosphere

Steve Longdo is right - Planet Argon is the home of that.  I haven't  
heard anything from those guys in a long time and the hosting of  
Typosphere and Trac for nothing (I guess) is admirable.  But it  
really is bordering on neglect ... any of those lads watching this list?

With regards to 'Stewardship'

Tobi is quite rightly giving all of his attention to Shopify.  Scott  
was doing exciting things with Google which I guess doesn't leave too  
much time, Piers is probably neck deep in a tight coding schedule for  
real money, Kevin is - no idea - where are you Kevin? :)  But if  
there are important patches to be included in trunk maybe somebody  
could list them to make it easier if one of the maintainers dropped  
in to include them in a changeset?  With regards to documentation ...  
well we could all have a hand in editing Trac ... it's not the best  
for new users but it'd be a start.  If people know a bit about  
troubleshooting dropping by the forums more often would probably help  
as well.

And Finally Mephisto and Radiant

I've had them both installed locally.  Radiant does a good job as a  
CMS but it's not a blogging system which is an important  
difference ...  for me at least :) Mephisto is interesting but there  
is no documentation as Mathew points out and your host needs to have  
rmagick installed and working.  If Typo frustrates you, then you'll  
go mad with that right now.


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