[typo] Typo-list Digest, Vol 15, Issue 9

Kyle Heon kyleheon at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 17:47:57 EDT 2006

I agree, Typo was at one point pretty lean and mean but now it just seems
really heavy, bloated even. I'd like to see better theme support just as a
matter of general acceptance (even though I'd probably craft my own
regardless). I'm still trying to learn Rails and Typo was a good fit for me
at the time. I still make small changes here and there and run with a
relative trunk release. Every single time I post to TextDrive though
something breaks, keeping me busy for nights on end solving the problem.

Recently I've been interested in RadiantCMS (
http://del.icio.us/kheon/radiant) and the more recently, Mephisto (
http://del.icio.us/kheon/mephisto) which has potential.

Competition is a good thing though, it keeps things fresh. In the beginning
Typo was the only Rails based blog engine around and has been for sometime
(at least I don't know of any others). Now that Rails has been out for
awhile more and more options are bound to show up, some better then others.

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> Gary Shewan wrote:
> > I was originally attracted to Typo because it was lean ... supermodel
> > lean and it was built to work with a blog editor.
> I was originally attracted to Typo because it wasn't written in PHP.
> I'm still open to alternatives, as long as they're not written in PHP.
> mathew
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