[typo] Typo is getting poor!

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 15:42:50 EDT 2006

I was originally attracted to Typo because it was lean ... supermodel  
lean and it was built to work with a blog editor.  Perfect in my  
book.  No backend bloat.  It also used Rails which was an interesting  
framework to learn.  It's still only around a year old though and to  
be honest it's not the best thing since sliced bread and I don't  
understand that opinion.  It does exactly the same as every other  
blog system - in fact it's a lot less stable and I'd count something  
like Textpattern far more superior.  If you want something stable  
with lots of lovely looking themes then Typo isn't the best choice.   
It's probably a good idea to look elsewhere.  Typo was originally  
written while waiting for a meeting to start and less than a handful  
of developers have got it to where it is at the moment.  You can't  
compare that history against some of the other more established engines.

I use it to play with Rails.  I know it's unstable sometimes and I  
accept that because I live on trunk for Typo and Rails.

Hmmm ... that's probably the worst attitude to have because I have a  
few thousand posts to my blog.

4.0 was only waiting for a better installation process from Scott.   
There's not going to be anything very different from trunk in a point  
release (unless I'm very mistaken).  A lot of the problems can be  
attributed to host set-ups and the Rails version you are working  
from.  I don't have very high expectations for 4.0 solving every  
problem ... I think some people do though.

There might be disappointment.

Having thought about it though ... typosphere is becoming a real joke  
as a frontend to the Typo world.  Mebbe some more time should be  
spent hanging around typoforum...


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