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phil phil at cryer.us
Thu Jun 15 13:13:41 EDT 2006

On Thu, 15 Jun 2006 11:50:52 -0500, "Rob Sanheim" <rsanheim at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I wouldn't say it's dying.  Just that there hasn't been a changeset
>> for a while.  But there was only really Piers working on it and he's
>> probably tied up with real life work.  Scott was working on the 4.0
>> release but again is probably tied up with other Rails work.  Don't
>> judge it as you would a PHP project - because there aren't that many
>> rails coders that have tonnes of time for open source.
>> It'll get moving again.  It's just a pause.
>> G
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> If someone could just get something stable enough to release as a 4.0
> release candidate, so people have some to track beyond SVN revisions,
> it would make a big difference.

Bingo -- I have two Typo sites that I run right now, externally they look/work great, but internally both have issues that I haven't been able to solved.  One site can't add/edit 'Pages' at all (Application Error (Rails) while my site displays that problem on *some* pages, but then late last week all of a sudden I couldn't post!  Svn update doesn't help so I'm just in a lurch while I think of what to do.  If we had 4.0 we would have a fresh slate to build on, and trust me, if I got my sites up on 4.0, they'd stay there for a time; I really love the blog Typo has allowed me to create, but lately it's just been too much work to keep running.


I really do appreciate all the efforts, this is a great system, I just would like to have it 'just work' for a longer period of time.


> Also, the lack of proper trackback/pingback support when its near a
> 4.0 version needs to fixed, priority #1.  Thats just essential blog
> functionality and really needs to be there.
> - rob
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