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phil phil at cryer.us
Wed Jun 14 09:49:38 EDT 2006

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 07:27:20 -0500, Timothy Freund <tim at digital-achievement.com> wrote:
> I think SVN is a good idea.  I'm actually doing that for my own themes
> here:
> http://digital-achievement.com/projects/public/typothemes
> Each theme gets a directory in trunk, and then I have themes checked out
> as svn:external in my Typo instances.
> I've even created a little Apple Automator workflow for capturing the
> screenshots.
> I emailed that link to the TypoGarden guys, but I get the impression
> that they're waiting on getting the directory up and going before they
> put new themes up.  Or they think my themes suck.  Both possible.  :-)

Hey, thanks Tim
I think your themes are nice, better than some on the Contest site as well.  Can I put this with all of the Contest themes for my mirror/migration of all the themes?  Do these all work on trunk, or just 2.6.0? I know many/most of the themes on the contest site are broken for trunk, but probably most work with 2.6.0 - plus it's not that hard to fix most of the themes (see earlier post here, or a howto on my site linking to Pier's) as I was able to get Lucid running on trunk easily.

I have mirrored all of the themes from the contest site (that weren't dead links) and am putting together a crude navigation once I weed out all the lost themes then I'll share them here, and if it's cool, move them to your svn server.  I just didn't want to do much until they Typo Theme folks did, I neither want to reinvent the wheel *or* step on toes, but I see a need and want to give back, plus after 5 months I think the time to move is upon us.  Let's get svn up with either sep repositories for 2.6.0 / trunk / 4.0.0 or paths, this way the ones working in trunk should migrate to 4.0.0 right when or after it comes out, giving folks trying out typo a simple way to get new themes.  Heck, if they weren't distributed with Typo we could have a script with 4.0.0 (within the admin GUI would be sweet) that says, "Update all themes" which would issue a svn checkout command with a tag just for 4.0.0 themes and checkout new themes and update the 'old' ones in one fell swoop!  Now that
 'd add value.

Comments?  I feel like I've either gotten the ball rolling, or rocking at least, but kicking it enough times.

> I think it would be quite cool to set up a constant integration server
> like BuildBot or DamageControl that would spin through and do a test on
> all of the themes each time a commit is made to Typo.  Something like:
>    1. Typo commit happens
>    2. Constant Integration server notices
>    3. Local Typo repository is updated, all local themes from various
> SVN repositories are updated
>    4. CI Server starts Typo
>    5. CI Server runs a Twill script or something similar to cycle
> through and make sure that themes are still working.
> The test wouldn't be perfect, I'm sure, but it'd certainly catch 500
> Internal Server errors.
> I know it would be possible, but would it be helpful?
> Thanks,
> Tim
> Syed Uzair Aqeel wrote:
>> How about an SVN repository for themes? I can see how the overhead of
>> maintaining them and their sheer size/number makes them poor candidates
> for
>> inclusion with Typo itself, but just having a central repository where
> we
>> can store themes (with the authors' approval of course) would help keep
> them
>> up-to-date. In the case of themes that are no longer being actively
>> maintained by the authors, users could commit patches so that the
> redundancy
>> of each user patching their local install by hand is removed.
>> If people think this is something worth doing, I'm happy to volunteer
> for
>> chasing authors about approvals.
>> Uzair
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>>>phil wrote:
>>>>I started a thread on the Typo Theme Contest site about when the new
>>>site would be up, it's been what, 6 months since the contest ended?  I
>>>realize that people have things to do outside of Typo, but I'd be happy
> to
>>>give the limited time I can to get things started.  It would not take
> any
>>>time to get a basic page together, and then fancy it up later.  As it
>>>stands you have to go through 14 pages on the contest site to get to all
>>>the themes, and quite a few of the links are broken.
>>>Most of the themes are also broken on the current typo trunk, and the
>>>stable release is really out of date. I think that's probably why nobody
>>>has put together a theme directory.
>>>>Chasing down themes from the old URLs show many sites that have moved
> to
>>>Yeah, I'd have been tempted myself if I didn't hate PHP so much.
>>>Gary Shewan wrote:
>>>>Typosphere is permanently 'coming soon' ... but what should be coming
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