[typo] Themes site

mathew meta at pobox.com
Tue Jun 13 13:31:29 EDT 2006

phil wrote:
> I started a thread on the Typo Theme Contest site about when the new site would be up, it's been what, 6 months since the contest ended?  I realize that people have things to do outside of Typo, but I'd be happy to give the limited time I can to get things started.  It would not take any time to get a basic page together, and then fancy it up later.  As it stands you have to go through 14 pages on the contest site to get to all the themes, and quite a few of the links are broken.

Most of the themes are also broken on the current typo trunk, and the 
stable release is really out of date. I think that's probably why nobody 
has put together a theme directory.

> Chasing down themes from the old URLs show many sites that have moved to WordPress.

Yeah, I'd have been tempted myself if I didn't hate PHP so much.

Gary Shewan wrote:
> Typosphere is permanently 'coming soon' ... but what should be coming  
> soon?



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