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Timothy Freund tim at digital-achievement.com
Fri Jun 9 01:56:49 EDT 2006

Kyle --

I noticed that it seemed to load a little slow as well.

I use the pretty standard sidebar plugins, so maybe I'm not testing the 
same things that you are.  I typically use the Archives, Categories, 
Static, Flickr, and XML Syndication sidebar plugins.  All of those seem 
to work fine for me in Hemingway.

What sidebar plugins are you using?  Does the error return when you add 
any plugin, just a certain plugin, or a certain number/combination of 


Kyle Heon wrote:
> Tim,
> Thanks for the reply. Yeah, this is the latest. I pulled it down last 
> night from the same link you provide below.
> I narrowed this down to the sidebars as well. I'm running the latest 
> trunk version of Typo (as of last night, not sure on the revision 
> number). When I remove ALL of my sidebars the pages load (albeit 
> slowly). Once I begin to add them back in the errors returns.
> -K
> Hi Kyle -- I'm new to the Typo list, but perhaps we can figure this out
> anyway.
> It looks like there is a defect filed with that same error message here:
> http://www.typosphere.org/trac/ticket/806
> Does anything on that page ring a bell?  It looks like the problem came
> down to a custom sidebar issue with the original poster's Typo.
> Just in case it doesn't, I tried the same thing with Hemingway on Typo
> version 1055, and it seemed to work OK.  Hemingway was the latest, as I
> found it here:
> http://warpspire.com/hemingway/hemingway-for-typo
> What version of Typo are you running?  What information does the Full
> Trace option give?
> Hopefully that helps,
> Tim
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