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phil phil at cryer.us
Thu Jun 8 12:19:57 EDT 2006

On Thu, 8 Jun 2006 11:45:32 +0100, Gary Shewan <gpsnospam at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've just realised, and I may be wrong, that when I update on the
> trunk via svn, it's also automatically updating to Rails edge in /
> vendor (I'm currently at r4444 for Rails).
> Very exciting but it's probably better to keep only Typo on the edge
> and use a stable version of Rails?  A lot of the instability I'm
> seeing could be laid at the door of Rails.
> Anybody know an easy way to exclude rails from the svn update and get
> back to a stable version?

Sorry to hijack the thread, but this is close to something I'm wondering as well (and may help this issue) I'm trying to fix a site and I'm wondering if I can just use a stock 2.6.0 version, have it point to an existing db currenting running/bombing on trunk and do something like:

'rake migrate VERSION=xxx' 

to roll back to version xxx -- does anyone know what would unmigrate the db back to 2.6.0 or there abouts?  I'm doing this in a sandbox so if things go terribly wrong it won't matter.



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