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Kyle Heon kyleheon at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 07:08:10 EDT 2006


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, this is the latest. I pulled it down last night
from the same link you provide below.

I narrowed this down to the sidebars as well. I'm running the latest trunk
version of Typo (as of last night, not sure on the revision number). When I
remove ALL of my sidebars the pages load (albeit slowly). Once I begin to
add them back in the errors returns.


Hi Kyle -- I'm new to the Typo list, but perhaps we can figure this out

It looks like there is a defect filed with that same error message here:

Does anything on that page ring a bell?  It looks like the problem came
down to a custom sidebar issue with the original poster's Typo.

Just in case it doesn't, I tried the same thing with Hemingway on Typo
version 1055, and it seemed to work OK.  Hemingway was the latest, as I
found it here:

What version of Typo are you running?  What information does the Full
Trace option give?

Hopefully that helps,

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